05 May 2015

Mom invites strangers to child's birthday party

On Tuesday, Mackenzie Moretter turned 10. But days before the planned birthday party, all of the invited guests turned down her invitation.

"I was sad that no one was coming," Mackenzie said with pain in her eyes.

So her mom, Jenny Moretter posted a message on Facebook.

[Mackenzie has Sotos syndrome] "It causes gigantism where kids grow at a faster pace. So Mackenzie is a lot taller than other classmates," he said. "Kids are friendly to her, but she doesn't have friends. No one calls and talks to her. I'll show up at her school and she will be playing alone...
Members of the Shakopee Fire Department stopped by, allowing the kids to tour their fire truck. Sam's Club and Mr. Pigs Stuffed BBQ and Catering donated food beverages to serve 250. At least 300 attended."

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