04 May 2015

Fire buckets

"In the glass-enclosed top floor with open views over the rooftops of old Lemberg, a typical red-painted Soviet-era wall board with red fire buckets and shovel. “Do you know why the bottom of the fire bucket was pointed in those days?” asks AndrĂ¡s. “So it would not be stolen. Because like this, it could not be used for anything else.”
Text and image (cropped for size) from Poemas del Rio Wang.  More about fire buckets at Wikipedia.

1 comment:

  1. pilfering was rampant in the soviet days. at one construction site, every couple of weeks, a worker would wheel out a wheelbarrow covered with a tarp. the guard at the gate would lift the tarp, see an empty wheelbarrow, and let the worker pass. it took them several months to figure that he was stealing wheelbarrows.



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