29 June 2017

You can't argue with this

See here if explanation needed. 

Via the Miss Cellania humor blog.

Image cropped for size and emphasis.


  1. I first learned about Kinder Überraschung, "children's surprise" eggs in Germany. My kids liked the chocolate and I loved assembling the ingenious toys in the little yellow capsule. I was surprised when they were marketed as 'Kinder surprise' in English speaking countries. I assumed people would read Kinder as a brand name. Did people there really see it as a surprise that is more kind than other surprises?

    1. No more than they consider a kindergarten a kinder garden I suppose...

    2. No, English speakers see the word "kinder" and think of a short a sound, like kindergarten. "Kind" with a long a sound is usually modified as "more kind" instead of "kinder." That's why this joke works in text, but wouldn't work as a spoken joke.

  2. Unfortunately Kinder Surprise are banned from import into the United States
    This includes tourists who are smuggling...


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