22 June 2017

Why are some spam emails "unblockable" ?

I use Earthlink Webmail, which is generally pretty good about filtering spam, and it allows me to block senders that I identify as sources of spam.

Most of the time...

Now I seem to have gotten on the radar of "cron-job.org" which sends me daily junk, and for which Earthlink indicates that "blocked sender" status is inapplicable.  I can understand why such limitations are applied to sources at "hotmail" for example, but why would some entity like this be protected?

Addendum:  A hat tip to reader BJ Nicholls for offering this link in his Comment.  It explains that the legitimate cron-job site has had their address highjacked by spammers.

Since Earthlink wouldn't let me click to add this "contact@cron-job" to my Blocked Sender List, I've now done so manually.  We'll see if that works.

Addendum #2 a week later:  Manually adding the source to the Blocked Sender List seems to have worked - though I don't understand why Earthlink wouldn't let me just click to do it.  


  1. https://cron-job.org/en/spam-statement/

    1. Excellent info. Thanks, B.J.

      Since I couldn't do so automatically, I've now gone to my Blocked Senders List and entered the cron-job one manually.

      We'll see if that works. Fingers crossed.

  2. If the option to report messages as Spam is there, I would click that. That should let Earthlink know and they will handle it.

  3. If you're constantly bothered by spam emails and you don't have enough time (or patience) to delete them, check out https://correct.email/. It cleans your mail box fast and gives you a report of what's been deleted. How cool is that?


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