16 May 2016

Teecher excepted this lettar

"A 7-year-old Houston girl managed to get out of an after-school program with a fake excuse note that she wrote herself...

With the note, Rosabella was able to take a bus home, rather than participating in an after-school program. But the girl couldn't get into her house. She spent part of the afternoon outside, until asking a neighbour to let her use the bathroom.

The neighbour kept Rosabella until her father was located."


  1. Let's point out here that not much went wrong here. The only thing that went wrong is that the teacher did not pay attention for a moment. The kid was fine. Went home. Waited patiently for parents to come home. Asked the neighbors nicely to use the bathroom. I'd have peed in the bushes.

    Now, in the fall out, people will fume and freak about what *could have happened*. Which it didn't.

    So, calm down folks.

  2. I wonder how many parents can't even write this well in English, though. It seems like there could be a better system to both accommodate varying parental literacy and make sure kids always get home safely.

  3. Susan, you are RIGHT! There are parents that write to me that make me shake my head when I think, "I wonder why these kids are so poorly educated?" Let's just say that apple didn't fall far.... I teacher can be forgiven for thinking that a poorly educated adult wrote such a note, I think.

    1. Wow. So...it isn't ok to have dyslexia, or use a first language with a different alphabet entirely and be unsophisticated in the new one? And if you do, your child, spending all day in a formal education institution, won't be well-educated? Susan is right, but she didn't say what you did. She said "...there could be a better system to both accommodate varying parental literacy and make sure kids always get home safely" (although I note the child DID get home safely)

      Low parental literacy doesn't inevitably result in poorly educated children - there are other factors including parental interest in and involvement with their child's education (although even that isn't always enough, nor does lacking it preclude success)

      We do have one thing in common right now...we're both shaking our heads.

  4. Just imagine what the letters look like the teachers see day after day after day look like.

  5. As a former teacher, I saw lots of letters. This one wouldn't have fooled me for a nano second.


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