14 May 2016

"Take it off! This is America!"

As reported by the United States Department of Justice:
Gill Parker Payne, 37, of Gastonia, North Carolina, pleaded guilty today in the District of New Mexico to one count of using force or threat of force to intentionally obstruct a Muslim woman, identified as K.A., in the free exercise of her religious beliefs.

According to court documents, on Dec. 11, 2015, Payne and K.A. were on board a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  K.A. was wearing a religious headscarf, known as a hijab.  Payne was seated several rows behind K.A. on the airplane, and did not know her.  Payne admitted that he saw that K.A. was wearing a hijab and was aware that it is a religious practice of Muslim women to wear a headscarf.

Payne further admitted that shortly before landing, but while still in-flight, he walked up the aisle to where K.A. was sitting and stopped next to her seat.  Payne proceeded to tell K.A. to take off her hijab, stating something to the effect of, “Take it off! This is America!”  Payne then grabbed the back of the hijab and pulled it all the way off, leaving K.A.’s entire head exposed.  As a result, K.A. felt violated and quickly pulled the hijab back up and covered her head again. 
Sentencing is pending.


  1. This is the same as someone tearing the shirt off an American woman, shouting "Take it off, this is ..." (insert some imaginary liberal European setting). It would be considered sexual assault. Muslim women without their hijab feel similarly "naked".

  2. Throw the book at him.

    This is America. You wear what you want.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes. The DOJ divides the U.S. into districts -


    2. Thanks. Just curious. As a New Mexican, I am quite used to people forgetting that New Mexico is a full fledged state.

  4. I seem to remember that the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. e not only violated the woman's person and religion, he violated the Constitution of the America he claims to support.

  5. It's so refreshing to see the comments section reflect human decency & common sense. Stories like these always make me worry that America is losing its religious freedom. That we as a society are getting less able/willing to live with each other....

  6. I wonder how many of his own practices he would be willing to give up, while in another country. The term "This is America" is getting awfully old and tired.


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