19 May 2016

Immigration to the United States

I've seen many immigration charts; this is the first one I can remember that plots the data as a percentage of the population at the time.  It's interesting how each group was reviled at the time and how each then resented those in the subsequent wave.

From Metrocosm, via Neatorama.


  1. We're gonna need a bigger fence.

  2. It's more interesting to see that the wave of Mexicans (and Latino's in general?) has been declining since the 90s... Republicans are fighting a war against something that happened 1-2 decades ago.

    As for the wall comment of the esteemed anonymous commenter above me: Why do you think a wall would work against a (declining) immigrant stream, given the situation in Europe where a giant natural moot (the Mediterranean) is not helping.

    Oh, and of course the fact that most undocumented immigrants just overstay their visa.


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