21 June 2015

Surviving while the wife is away


  1. Maybe one can do what the farmer's wife did in "Babe" when she went on holiday: load the refrigerator with prepared meals, marked with the day to be used and ready to be microwaved.

  2. I realize this is a joke. I desperately hope it is anyway. I'd hate to think that grown men aren't capable of taking care of themselves.

    1. Not always a matter of incapable. But a lot of times its just something you don't want to do, especially after having a loving wife spoil you for years.

      I work on my feet and if I come home from a long day of work and my wife is out of town... I'm probably having pizza many nights and lots of meals I forget to eat.

  3. This always baffles me, cooking is one of my favorite things even after working in a restaurant part-time to earn a little extra cash, men can learn to cook a few things they like if not become master-chefs.


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