02 June 2015

"Marble run machine"

Big Marble Run Machine: 11 000 Marbles!!! (Kugelbahn, Knikkerbaan)

This Marble Run "Marble Tsunami" has 4 tipping containers holding totally more than 11 000 marbles. In this video you'll see the 10 000 marbles AND the 1000 marbles container will tipping together causing more than 11 000 marbles rolling down the giant tracks. The sound is deafening, because of the noise, it will be equipped with noise damping housing and glass panels on the front.


- Number of marbles total: around 13 000
- Number of paths: 4
- Number of tipping containers: 4 (10, 120, 1070 and 10 600 marbles)
- Construction started: 20 april 2015
- Construction completed: Expected begin june 2015 (only need some finetuning)
- Dimensions: L= 10 m (33 feet) W= 1,2 m (4 feet) H=1,8 m (6 feet)
- Location: Monkey Town (indoor playground), Gouda (NL)


  1. But does it hold a candle to the many constructions at Devons only tourist attraction, the house of marbles ?


  2. Well, that's 10999 marbles more than I have. I tweeted a photo.

    I also remember doing quite well playing Marble Madness on the computer back in the day.

  3. When I become a mad millionaire, I'm going to build one of these in my mansion and make it of much nicer materials and have all golden marbles. It will be so artistically integrated into my lair that no one will know it is even there until I release the spheres.
    Bwaaa haaa haaaaaa.


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