28 May 2015

Children should read 1,000 books before kindergarten

That's the idea behind a new reading challenge being sponsored by our local library, as part of a nationwide program.


  1. The title scared me at first: we read a lot at home, but nowhere close to 1000 books before kindergarten. But the table was a relief. Kindergarten starts at 2.5 years in Belgium. ;-)

  2. Does this count favorite books read over and over again? Two of my daughters and one of my grandchildren learned how to read by memorizing their favorite books, then learning to recognize the printed words.

  3. 3 new books a day continuously for a year at 4?

    No better recipe for turning a joy into a chore.

    1. You can count the same book over and over again. The idea is not necessarily to introduce new books each day, but to make reading a part of daily life. A couple of stories at bedtime is all it takes, and that is a joy (in my home at least) and not a chore!

    2. Arite and Kevin, a four-year old doesn't read The Canterbury Tales. Here's a list for you


      It doesn't take long to read Go Dog Go or Five Little Ducks. Reading three books is not a chore.

  4. I'm glad all of your children also want to hear the same book over again. We can read 4 books a day pretty easily, it is just the same 4 books a lot of the time. As much as I love Dr. Seuss...

  5. What about new words? Who the heck cares about a big red dog?
    Are there any concerns for posture or eye strain?
    There has to be a better way to acquire reading skills AND an appreciation for knowledge.
    Perhaps take the child outside and bring along your tablet, take time to pause and read explanations together for whatever you find.
    There is more to life than these 'my baby is better than yours' scores and percentiles.


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