15 May 2024

MSICS to correct "preventable blindness"

A TEDX talk in which an American ophthalmic surgeon explains how "manual small-incision cataract surgery" (MSICS) with a 50c scalpel is an effective substitute for the standard American-style laser-guided procedure costing $2,000 for the treatment of mature cataracts.  The worldwide statistics are staggering: cataracts in 200,000,000 people causing half of all worldwide blindness, with each untreated case also impairing the life of associated caregivers.

Concise, well-spoken, and definitely worth 15 minutes of your time, IMHO.


  1. Sounds like a dozen doctors from the US could create more good will than multi-Billion$ in foreign aid.

  2. Check out the Fred Hollows Foundation which has been doing this work for many years. Sadly Fred passed away in 1993 but his Foundation has carried on his work. They operate in 25 countries and have restored sight to 3 million people. A donation of $25 (Australian) will restore someone's sight. https://www.hollows.org/au/blog/fred-hollows-story


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