22 September 2023

Women want pockets

A growing movement decrying the lack of proper pockets in women’s clothing has begun to find disciples in the world of high fashion, as well as among mainstream chains...

It is even possible, she suggests, that the true “age of the pocket” has now arrived, because everything necessary for daily life has become so small. Cash is of limited use, and address books, diaries and maps are all dead. Phones, and perhaps a lipstick, a key or a comb, are really all a woman needs, and this might mean we are not lumbered with bags any more...

“Part of it is just laziness. It’s easier not to design pockets if they are not expected.” Although women’s outerwear has generally improved, fashion designers continue to argue that a pocket ruins the line of a dress... “There are no pockets in girls’ dresses, despite the fact they are not bothered about the line of their clothes. There are still areas where it’s all very retrograde.”..

A popular Instagram account GCS, or Girls Carrying Shit, displays images of women who are forced to carry their possessions ("after thousands of years without pockets, non-men have evolved a superior grip to carry their shit.)
Excerpted from an article at The Guardian.


  1. I've had to rip the 2-inch-deep useless pockets out my jeans and shorts and sew in deeper pockets. I recently bought some men's athletic shorts and ONE pocket can fit my phone, keys, wallet and a paperback!

  2. They're speaking of women without a kid in tow.
    Cash is of limited use? Sure, pay with a card or phone so the seller has to raise prices to cover the bite the financial folks take. It adds complication and expense to grabbing a coffee. It also separates people from financial reality. Many of the ads these days are for entities who can push up your credit score... so you can get deeper in debt.

  3. It makes me think of Kat Eggleston's song /Too Much Shit In My Purse/.

  4. I like bags. You never leave your wallet in your other pants that way.

  5. What? there are no women fashion designers? common now?

  6. More Guardian fabricated victimization. It's hard to believe the whining of the most pampered and privileged people on the planet is taken seriously. Sadly, there's always a market. I shared this female pocket deprivation thesis with my wife and she literally laughed out loud. The Onion ought to do a retreaded version.

  7. My granddaughter graduated from high school June 2023. She and all her classmates bought fancy grad dresses and promptly has pockets sewed in.

  8. The picture at the top of the Guardian article is worth a thousand words. I do not know anyone who wears clothes like that, with or without pockets. And Ms. Carlson is worried about pockets? How about the permanent damage those shoes (in the picture from the article) would cause for the legs and feet of the women wearing them?

    Fashion versus Function. Which do people value more? My wife is a librarian. She does not own pants without functional pockets. Her colleagues wear pants with pockets. I worked 32 years as a teacher, most of my colleagues were women. They wore pants and dresses with pockets. Since my daughter started teaching last year, her wardrobe has expanded to include plenty clothing with pockets, actual working pockets. Easy to find if you favor function, and comfort, over fashion. Probably much more available than the clothing pictured in the article.

    Pockets for clothing like those shown in the article? That's a first-world problem.

  9. There’s a new clothing store in Winnipeg called Must Have Pockets, that aims directly at this problem. It just opened over the weekend! https://instagram.com/musthavepocketswpg?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==


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