26 September 2023

I love supercuts

A well-edited collage of film clips whets my appetite for films I might not otherwise be aware of.  The one embedded above was created by the same person who did the nice reviews of Kieslowski's Three Coulours trilogy.  But... it doesn't have an index of film sources that I could find.  That's very disappointing.

By contrast, the Welcome to a Supercut video below supplies a lengthy film list at the YouTube link.


  1. It looks like he has a series of videos called A Film in Three Minutes and that supercut is the first 50 movies that he made videos for. The first clip is from the The Draughtsman's Contract and the last clip is from Theatre of Blood. If you look at his videos bracketed by those 2 movies you can see all of the others.

    1. So... go to here -


      - and sort by "oldest." A bit clunky, but I guess that will work. Thanks, Dan.

  2. Stan the clip from each film is only seconds long, how could you possibly decide you want to see the entire movie from a few seconds.
    With my luck I'd see a great clash of knights in armor then the film is dull drab characters, one of which was describing a dream. LoL

    1. It works (usually) for me. I might see a special effect that looks awesome, or a pairing of my favorite actors, or scenery set somewhere spectacular, but most often just ten seconds of a tender moment or such giving a sense of the tone of the movie.

      When I'm surprised on the downside it's no loss because either I'm streaming it and can switch, or it's a DVD from the library; I never buy video media these days.

      And if you're surprised that someone could be attracted to something after ten seconds exposure, then perhaps that marks you as a mature sensible married man who has forgotten what it was like to be a teenager...

  3. One of my favorite supercuts is Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen (2012), a full length film made out of hundreds of short clips.


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