20 November 2016

"Flying over Iceland"

Simply awesome (and be sure to click that fullscreen icon at the lower right).   Kudos to the drone pilot for including trekkers in the field of view to create a sense of perspective.

Via Nag on the Lake.


  1. My granddaughter went to Iceland for a photo shoot, and fell in love with the country and the people.

  2. This is absolutely lovely. But the music sounds middle eastern to me, and the combination weirds me out. It's not unpleasant, but it is alienating and strange. I feel like I'm looking at a fictional world in which culture and geography evolved in different ways.

    1. I understand your reaction, Adrian. But next time you view the video, instead of thinking of a specific geographic region, think "antiquity" or "primeval." What I was reminded of while listening was Gortoz A Ran, which is sung in the Breton language:


      (and which I need to reblog because my two previous ones have undergone linkrot).

    2. I have some Breton songs in my collection, on a CD by Cecile Corbel that I bought at a live performance a number of years ago. (She sings in several languages.)

  3. Good night... stunning!

    And that voice was incredible. Thanks!


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