22 September 2023

People should stop hassling librarians

Found at the Book Porn tumblr.


  1. Very coincidental some of my recent readings that YA (young adult) books are too immature for teens - they should be reading adult level.

  2. I've also heard that they need to see adults reading for pleasure.

  3. I do not hassle my librarian. I shower her with love and affection. She is such a fine librarian that I married her a few decades ago.

    My librarian is hassled quite regularly. though almost never in regard to books. Librarians and libraries are a lot like teachers today, expected to perform duties that seem to have little to do with the job. It is not so much the additional duties that bug her, but the way many people treat the staff and the library itself. Some days she spends more time cleaning up after people and writing incident and/or police reports than thinking about books. And she works for one of the largest county public library systems in the country.

    BTW, my librarian said she does not own a pair of pants without pockets.

  4. >
    BTW, my librarian said she does not own a pair of pants without pockets

    Of course. That's where she keeps her pocketbooks.


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