23 February 2021

The myth of "race"


  1. I brought this up during our mythology segment at school, as an example of a modern belief that we derive meaning from despite there being no support for it. The kids were shocked to hear that it wasn't based scientific fact.

  2. Race, in the commonly used sense, does not exist. All humans are the same race; human. Culture does exist, and should be respected... but culture is utterly and completely irrelevant of genetics Literally everything that we call 'racial' is actually cultural.

    1. I entirely agree that culture is irrelevant of genetics, but that doesn't mean genetics doesn't exist. I mean, physical traits like eye color can hardly be called cultural. The term "race" is perhaps best avoided due to its atrocious connotations, but to state that all differences between humans are entirely cultural would be an oversimplification.


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