12 February 2021

Pondering deep space and deep time

Top video via Neatorama.  The second is a companion piece narrated by Brian Cox, Carl Sagan, and David Attenborough.  Both posted at YouTube by Melodysheep, who has an interesting array of videos (and over a million subscribers, including me).


  1. Both cool, but that 2nd one ~ WOW!!! TFS ~

  2. Watching this, and some of the other videos on the Melodysheep channel reminded me of my favourite movie of 2017: A Ghost Story. About half the people I've recommended it to absolutely hated it, and the other half completely fell in love with it. It deals with a lot of themes including space and time, our perception of both and place within them. It doesn't really provide answers to the questions it asks and maybe the point is that there aren't really any but it was a movie that stuck with me for a long time after I'd finished watching it.


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