26 February 2021

One way to combat bottom-trawling

"A Greenpeace ship has been dropping huge boulders into the sea off Brighton this week to stop fishing boats from trawling the sea bed. The action is part of campaign to tighten restrictions on the most destructive forms of fishing in protected areas of UK waters. But leaders of the fishing community describe the action as dangerous, illegal and irresponsible."


  1. Brilliant idea.
    Makes me want to donate some money to Greenpeace.

  2. I wonder if it would not be more effective to drop boulder sized concrete structures of the kind used to create man-made reefs for the sea creatures? Perhaps the celebrities who had their names placed on the boulders could contribute to buying these structures.

    Related article: https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/19120142.greenpeaces-new-boulder-barrier-offshore-brighton-area/

    One of the comment blames overfishing on "biped overpopulation."

  3. Vandalism is never a good idea. However, that does not mean that fishers are being responsible citizens here. Trawling is bad. Stop it. Do better. Both of you!

  4. Nepkarel, this is vandalism against trawlers in the same way that wearing braces on your teeth is assault against the person punching you in the teeth


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