30 June 2016

Coming July 4: Jupiter orbit insertion

 This is an awesome trailer for next week's event.  Even if you normally don't care about astronomy and space, give this one a try.
"The background radiation we're exposed to on earth is about 0.39 rad.  What we expect to see at Jupiter is about 20,000,000 rad."

"Juno's planned mission will take it around the Jovian giant 37 times, after which, to avoid contaminating Europa with microbes, it will be directed to dive into Jupiter's thick atmosphere, where it will break apart and melt."


  1. ugh, overdone, horrible... The mission itself is awesome, this trailer is not.

  2. I think the "movie trailer" approach here is terrific and very well done! It reignites our imaginations when many in the general public might think the various missions to other planets are all the same old thing or even boring. Too many times, the ones telling the story of a mission are not natural storytellers, but rather the technical scientists sitting in a bland room with a computer screen and a droning voice. We need story to bring our humanity and imagination into the alien environment and remind us how and why this is truly alien.
    If this was a trailer for a fictional movie, we might think it over the top or unbelievable, but everything in this is for REAL. You can't overdo if it's true, and Jupiter is the real deal.


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