06 November 2014

How corporations avoid paying income tax

Everyone knows about these shenanigans, but nobody does anything about it. 
Pepsi, IKEA, FedEx and 340 other international companies have secured secret deals from Luxembourg, allowing many of them to slash their global tax bills while maintaining little presence in the tiny European duchy, leaked documents show.

These companies appear to have channeled hundreds of billions of dollars through Luxembourg and saved billions of dollars in taxes, according to a review of nearly 28,000 pages of confidential documents by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and a team of more than 80 journalists from 26 countries...

The leaked documents reviewed by ICIJ involve deals negotiated by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world’s largest accounting firms, on behalf of hundreds of corporate clients. To qualify the companies for tax relief, the records show, PwC tax advisers helped come up with financial strategies that feature loans among sister companies and other moves designed to shift profits from one part of a corporation to another to reduce or eliminate taxable income...

Luxembourg agreed to tax only one quarter of 1 percent of FedEx’s non-dividend income flowing through this arrangement - leaving the remaining 99.75 per cent tax-free.
The companies will argue publicly that this is all legal.  It's legal because tax laws have been created by the politicians they bought to make it legal.


  1. Lets agree to group this article the oligarchy article and the Health care into one comment on the "Land of the Free"

  2. And let's not forget the latest altuistic endeavor our patriotic job creators have bestowed themselves with- the tax inversion:



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