06 November 2014

Vintage refrigerator (GE, 1957)

Via Vintage Blog.


  1. Suzie! Make sure you shut the refridgerator door when you're done!!

    And stay out of the dessert!!!

    (I can hear the mom's cry from off the screen from here......)

  2. THAT is pink!

    actually, it reminds me of pepto-pink, the color used to calm down people.


  3. So they probably sold about two of these. If any. This is high-concept advertising art. The dream refrigerator!!! that almost no one could afford, much less have room for in the tiny kitchens that were typical in 50s houses.

    I once read that it is standard practice for B2B (business-to-business) salesmen to offer three plans to service their client's needs. First, the really high-end all-the-bells-and-whistles "solution", then the mid-range solution, then the bare-bones solution. For the salesman, the rare occasion on which the client actually chooses the high-end solution is a bonus; the real purpose is to make sure the client doesn't choose the cheap solution. The high-end gets his mouth watering; it also makes him feel like a cheapskate if he chooses the cheap solution.


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