21 May 2020

"Put on some damn sunscreen already"

"We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already."
Discussed and explained at Slate.

Reposted from 2014.


  1. Al Jolson Brand sunscreen would be entertaining (and not recommended)!

    But, apparently, Bayer has let their color-fade patent expire, so any you entrepreneur types should get on it. Just don't choose black.

  2. There's no questions that our skin produces melanin in an effort to protect itself from sun damage -- and that this shows up in ultraviolet. And that skin cancer is a problem. And that this video is cool. But it would be a lot more helpful and educational if it were paired with a clinical study that proved the people who appeared more "freckled" in ultraviolet light went on to develop skin cancer at demonstrably higher rates than those whose skin didn't look mottled? (If there even are adults whose skin doesn't look like that.)

  3. Expect to see this in every product advertisement henceforth, since this is a very effective demonstration.
    I was always uneasy having to take the recommendations at face value, especially regarding the degree of protection. There is still the question of longevity to explore, how does this stuff hold up to repeated washing or sweat. I recon once it's absorbed through the skin membrane, you skin stays dark for a while (possibly for days).

    It's also curious that metal still reflects UV-lights.


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