17 April 2016

Incredibly unusual hockey goal

I've watched a lot of hockey - I was even the (reluctant) manager of a collegiate hockey team in the 1960s - but I have never seen one as bizarre as this.  Watch beyond the initial action for the replays...  Unreal.

Reposted from 2013 to add this image from a 2016 playoff game between Detroit and Tampa Bay -

- which reminds me of why I stopped watching professional hockey.


  1. Sabre's needed that one, lol

  2. If the goalie had known the puck was in his pants, he would not have retreated into the goal. If I were on the goalie's team, I would protest the daylights out of calling it a goal.

    1. I'm afraid that "I didn't mean to do that" isn't a sanctioned reason for disallowing a goal in the NHL.


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