30 August 2013

What the Tooth Fairy pays for a tooth

When I was a kid it was a dime.   That was enough to buy a comic book.  Prices have gone up since then.
Kids this year are getting an average of $3.70 per lost tooth, a 23 percent jump over last year's rate of $3 a tooth, according to a new survey by payment processor Visa Inc., released Friday. That's a 42 percent spike from the $2.60 per tooth that the Tooth Fairy gave in 2011.

Part of the reason for the sharp rise: Parents don't want their kids to be the ones at the playground who received the lowest amount...


  1. I've got a 4 1/2 year old, and have laid in a stock of dollar coins. I figure the cool factor (a dollar COIN!) will make up for the small amount.

    I got a quarter when I was a kid, a dollar if the tooth was extracted (I had extra teeth, I had big teeth, I had massive orthodontia issues, I had a lot of teeth extracted).

  2. Well, but also, a dime was enough to buy a comic book. What's it buy now?

    (Pretty much nothing, I am almost sure.)

    You want to buy a comic book now, you need at least three bucks. (I think. It's been awhile since I bought one.) So that $3.70 sounds in the right range.

  3. Comic books run about $4 per these days, so that's probably about right, or a little low. Spouse, who still buys them tells me. There are some about $3, but most are more. Still, not many targeted for children, most are aimed at men in their mid 30s. Again, citing my domestic comic book reader.

    Ten cents worth of candy 30 years ago was not inconsiderable, today, $3 worth probably equivalent. I don't know how much I got when I started, but I do remember getting a 50¢ piece for the last couple.

  4. I also got a bunch of dollar coins! She gets one per tooth. One dollar. That's it.

    I got twenty five cents at home and seventy five cents at my grandparents' house, so I sometimes saved a tooth for my next grandma and grandpa visit. :)

  5. Yes, comics were a dime when I started reading them. Also, Twinkies were a dime. I can vividly remember the day I went to the store, and Twinkies were suddenly 12¢ . The shock! The outrage! Twinkies had always been a dime! It was the natural order of things.

    But alas, it wasn't the natural order of things. Twinkies, comic books, everything costs more. And the comics seem to be mostly lurid dramas for adults with cases of arrested development.

  6. I got 50 cents for the first tooth, but after that, I never got money. My parents bought me small toys, crayons, etc. after that. There used to be a local toy store that always had an assortment of small, fun, cheap stuff.

    1. Forgot to add: it was way cooler than boring money!

  7. Just had two teeth extracted, the bill was $1000.00 including a "consultation" prior to the extraction.


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