20 August 2013

Some may find this advice useful

Imgur source, via Reddit.


  1. You can also add the following as a bookmark:


    When you are on the page with the image, simply click the bookmark to get the same options.

  2. Anonymous, Whenever you post script or a link that isn't transparent - this one, for example, loads imgops.js, and without some digging who knows what that javascript is doing? - I suggest you explain briefly, and provide a straight hyperlink to the site in question plus a brief explanation of the site.

    I tell everyone I know not to trust a link or a script they don't understand or aren't able to validate.

    Imgops is a site that provides a few simple ways to directly manipulate a web image...and a number of links that look like just additional edits but take you to other sites which offer to provide those edits; some free, some may not be, and all have terms of service that need to be read before use. It's not made clear which edits are done by an imgops engine and which are redirects to another site, which IMO is sketch.

    Two ways to use imgops: you can copy the URL of the page which contains the image and paste it into a field on the imgops site, or you can use the script Anon lists above, copied from the imgops site to save the copy/paste action.

    The script creates a text string containing the URL of the page you're currently viewing, appended with the current date and time, then feeds that string into the imgops site javascript, which then provides all the edit links (and other site hyperlinks). Saves you copying the page URL you're on, loading the imgops site and pasting the URL in.

    I may be overly cautious, but imgops isn't transparent enough to make me feel comfortable.

  3. The page that appears has so many links on it that it's overwhelming, and hard to know which one to click on. I chose the bit that says, "Our bookmarklet is a safer option", and followed the instructions from there.

    It works, but I would have liked more information about the various format choices. For example, I assume high quality is never greater than original quality (i.e. that it will never add resolution wastefully), but I shouldn't have to assume.

    To save in mp3 format, you have to do it via the deturl.com page with its overwhelming multitude of links. I would much rather be given just ONE method of converting a video to mp3. Alternatives in a smaller font would be OK, but I'd prefer one primary method. And a clearer page layout overall.

    The video I chose for testing purposes is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJWRkCfq1K0 because you will rarely hear a more beautiful voice.

  4. I used this with a YouTube video, and the service I chose installed a massive amount of spyware on my computer that my anti-virus/anti-spyware is still cleaning up.


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