21 August 2013

One factor that bloats the cost of American health care

From the Washington Post:
Unknown to most, a single committee of the AMA, the chief lobbying group for physicians, meets confidentially every year to come up with values for most of the services a doctor performs.

Those values are required under federal law to be based on the time and intensity of the procedures. The values, in turn, determine what Medicare and most private insurers pay doctors.

But the AMA’s estimates of the time involved in many procedures are exaggerated, sometimes by as much as 100 percent, according to an analysis of doctors’ time, as well as interviews and reviews of medical journals.

If the time estimates are to be believed, some doctors would have to be averaging more than 24 hours a day to perform all of the procedures that they are reporting. This volume of work does not mean these doctors are doing anything wrong. They are just getting paid at the rates set by the government, under the guidance of the AMA...

Florida records show 78 doctors — gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons and others — who performed at least 24 hours worth of procedures on an average workday.

Some former Medicare chiefs say the problem arises from giving the AMA and specialty societies too much influence over physician pay...
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  1. Gee, you think that special interests have too much control over medical fees? Our system has degenerated to the point that the one who profits is the one who regulates the industry and sets the prices. All that's necessary is to buy a few Congresspersons.

  2. anther factor that bloats the cost of healthcare is the huge salaries and bonuses paid to insurance company CEOS and the CEOs of (nonprofit!) hospitals.


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