27 March 2013

Pure joy

Five-year-old Pernille plays in a field with 14 German Shepherds from kennel Finika in Norway.  A mental health break from The Dish.


  1. That was beautiful. A precious young girl, not a care in the world...surrounded by loving and fierce protectors. I like to think (call me overly-sentimental, etc.) that sometimes angels look very different than we think they do. Maybe like German Shepherds sometime....

  2. Oh puh-leeze.

    Yesterday's news in England: 14 year old girl savaged to death by four dogs in a family home while she was eating a meat pie.

    Even though the title of this post was reassuring, I regret that my response to a little girl playing with 14 dogs was a considerable increase in my pulse rate at the idea of how little anybody could do if one was to turn on her.

  3. We should all do something everyday that makes us yippee for joy. I was going to get some reading done, but think I'll go for a quick bike ride instead. The big hill is calling!

  4. Walking with an army of St Bernards


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