21 November 2008

J-Walk - A Recommended Blog

J-Walk becomes the fourth addition to my series of blogs that I highly recommend to those who enjoy TYWKIWDBI. Like Presurfer, Neatorama, and Nothing to do with Arbroath, it is an "old-timer" with a high Technorati authority ranking (415 today, which gives it an impressive rank of 7,243).

The J-Walk title is a logical extrapolation of the name of the blogger, John Walkenbach, who refreshingly allows a bit of his own personality to emerge in the blog (unlike some blogs that are distant and impersonal), so if you monitor the site you will inevitably encounter posts about Excel spreadsheets and banjos.

If you enjoy my blog, J-Walk will almost certainly appeal to you because the range of content is wide and the subject material is sufficiently eclectic to appeal to the typical TYWKIWDBI visitor. I link to J-Walk perhaps once per week, but have bookmarked many more items that I haven't had time to write up, so herewith is a linkdump which you can sample as a taste of what you might encounter after adding J-Walk to your "daily visits" folder:

Video of an impressive trick pool shot.

Pringles proves in court that their product is not potato chips.

Conjoined barn swallows found, and to be sent to the Smithsonian. Joined at the hip and alive (but probably not for long).

Dog receives pension for faithful tending of sheep.

A list of 100 things to eat before you die. (I've only had 25 so far...)

Video of election night coverage in 1960.

A Catholic priest telling parishioners they shouldn't take communion until they do penance for voting for Obama.

Why you should never trust a screencap (you can alter websites on your computer and then take a screencap photo of them to "prove" that's what they showed).

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Mr. Walkenbach. Your backlink to TYWKIWDBI brought several hundred visitors that literally doubled my traffic yesterday. That wasn't my primary purpose in linking to J-Walk, but it certainly is a gracioius response on your part.


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