31 May 2016

Does your uncle's tractor have a rollbar ?

"At least 47 farmers in Wisconsin died from tractor rollovers from 2001 to 2010, said Cheryl Skjolaas, agriculture safety specialist with UW Extension. More recent data aren’t available.
Nationally each year, tractor rollovers kill an estimated 96 farmers, making rollovers the leading cause of accidental death on farms...

Manufacturers have equipped tractors with rollbars or cabs since 1985, but many tractors made before then don’t have them...

In 2013, the [National Farm Medicine Center at Marshfield Clinic] started offering up to $865 to farmers in Wisconsin who add rollbars to their tractors. The device typically costs about $1,200.  The rollover protective structure rebate program, funded by about $60,000 a year in donations, has helped pay for 144 retrofits..."


  1. Austria: rollbars on tractors compulsory since 1960 (Germany: since the early 1970s), so, yes, my uncle's and everyone else's here has one ;)

    1. America is pretty funny with stuff like that. The thing that kills me are the American cars containing tail light assemblies with ONE bulb that indicate a tail marker, stopping light, AND turn signal. It literally can take an extra second to figure out what the one bulb is trying to tail you if the person is intermittently hitting the brakes as they turn on their indicator...

    2. "trying to [tell] you"

  2. My 83 year old neighbor was in a old time tractor club and last month and had a fatal roll over. I think it would be better to be safe than authentic.


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