09 April 2016

Trooper proselytised during a traffic stop

"Indiana State Police trooper Brian Hamilton pulled over Wendy Pyle in January, according to a lawsuit filed this week. He told Pyle that she had been speeding, went back to his patrol car and returned with a warning ticket.

Then, the lawsuit alleges, Hamilton asked Pyle where she attended church — and whether she had been “saved.”... He invited Pyle to his church and gave her directions, the lawsuit alleges. Later, it states, “Ms. Pyle was approached by someone who attended church with Trooper Hamilton who informed her that Trooper Hamilton had placed her on a prayer list.”...

On Thursday, Hamilton — a 14-year veteran — was fired for neglect of duty and insubordination, state police announced... As the state police indicated, this isn’t the first time Hamilton has been sued for on-the-job displays of faith. In 2014, another driver, Ellen Bogan, filed suit after Hamilton gave her a warning ticket during a traffic stop — and a pamphlet for a church..."


  1. I would feel very coerced in that situation. Like going in for some sort of treatment, and my doctor asked if I was saved, I would not trust that he would do his best for me unless I agreed with him.

  2. What Zhoen said. And yet, there are idiots who support this guy. The FB page of the local TV station is full of such commentary (also comments by people who say, "If he had been proselytizing for Allah, would you feel the same?").



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