28 April 2016

This fracking river is on fire

"Gas first started bubbling though the river shortly after the coal seam gas industry took off in the Chinchilla area. Since then the volume of gas bubbling through the river has massively increased and has spread along the river.

You can see stakes in the river bank were the Queensland Government has marked each gas seep. You can also see pipework near the river where Origin Energy has installed for monitoring the gas bubbling through the river."


  1. My brother John lives not far from there, has done since 1963, when we as a family moved to Australia (I am in New Zealand now, still 'apart' of my sibling fraternity though !!!) He tells me that that river has been like that since the 1960s, probably before. It seems there is a coal seam running under it somewhere and the gas comes from there. Fracking, as a way to pollute our world, has only been around since 1990 (citation needed, badly).

  2. This location reminded me of this..


  3. Its a natural phenomenon and methane is nontoxic. Fracking has its impacts, but this is insincere.

  4. http://youtu.be/VtW8RkI3-c4
    And this from Randy Newman.....

  5. As recently as 1969 there were still river fires on the Cuyahoga River. It was the last, but other rivers in industrialized areas such as the Chicago River burned frequently in the preceding era.

    It is probably good that those Ausies decided to burn it off. Methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than the CO2 released when it burns.


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