17 April 2016

Overheard at the zoo yesterday

On the path between the polar bear enclosure and the penguin exhibit: a mother pushing a stroller, a father and a small boy...
Father:  "Now we'll go up this hill and see the penguins."
Petulant son:  "But I don't WANNA see the penguins."
Father:  "Well, then, you don't have to LOOK."
+1 for dad.

The polar bear, btw, was having a grand old time, swimming the length of its pool underwater, rising at the far side, and with one kick of the back paws, floating on its back across the pool again.


  1. I saw this very bear today! My girlfriend and I were impressed by his stamina: he did a good twenty laps before we yawned and moved on to the grizzlies.

  2. What zoo is that?


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