22 December 2014

Short-eared owl

This photo (by Henrik Nilsson, taken in Boundary Bay, BC, Canada) is one of the award-winning entries in the nature category of National Geographic's 2014 photo contest


  1. Gorgeous, it looks like a painting.

  2. Just discovered you're back, and I'm so thrilled! I have truly missed your thought-provoking posts.

    I tried sharing this with you in comment on the teardrop shaped owl in flight post, but it never showed up. If this is a duplicate or you obliterated my comment intentionally the first time I tried, I apologize.

    I heard about the Michael Peterson case on the podcast "Criminal." He was convicted of murdering his wife, but his attorney is attempting to have his case reopened based on evidence suggesting that she was actually killed by an owl who mistook her for prey. http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/5726608/

    I don't have a firm opinion about whether the the "owl theory" is really true in the Peterson case or not, but it was absolutely fascinating for me to consider the deadly capabilities of owls. I definitely have a new appreciation for them and thought you might find it interesting as well (assuming/hoping you haven't already heard of this).

    1. Hi Ben -

      I definitely did not delete your previous comment - and ironically the first time I tried to write this comment it was eaten by the system! That seems to occur most often if I haven't signed in before I write a comment - clicking the "reply as" ID button signs me in but the comment itself sometimes vaporizes.

      I would give some credence to the owl theory in that case because I have been attacked - not by owls, but by red-winged blackbirds at our arboretum - and the force of the blow would definitely have been enough to dislodge me had I been walking down a staircase.

      This time I'll copy the text of the reply before clicking "publish." Don't want to write this a third time...


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