07 November 2014

Long-neck beer

Posted at Reddit, where there is a photo of another one that formed in a mini-fridge:


  1. Unfortunately, that user stole the photo from this original post: http://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/2lgdvq/my_ginger_beer_popped_its_top_in_the_fridge/ . Maybe you'll want to update the link?

    1. Done. But, for my information, how does one ascertain priority, since both of them say "one day ago" without a timestamp that I can see? I know one thread comment alerts the OP that someone else has stolen it and gotten more karma, but if that weren't there (or if it's wrong...)?

    2. Well, I believed the posters on the thread, but for extra verification -- if you run the imgur photo from both posts through exifdata.com , you can see that /u/thenewkelly posted their (original) version of the photo at 2014:11:08 16:58:53, and then /u/chillypow came along and posted theirs at 2014:11:08 16:59:35 -- which is a pretty impressive speed at which to recognize an interesting post and rip it off as your own!! :)


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