18 August 2013

Seabed patterned circles

Discovered here, at a depth of 80 feet off an island in the Japanese archipelago, these elaborate circles have been attributed to the work of a small puffer fish, whose activity is shown in this video:

Enhanced mating and reproductive success is one explanation, but one can't overlook the fact that this amazingly detailed circle has 27 segments - a perfect cube, and a number that is present in pi as a self-locating string (i.e. at the 27th place after the decimal), and is the number of books in the New Testament, and the number of bones in the human hand.  As a famous person once said "you can't explain that."

Via the first blog I ever followed - Gerald Vlemming's The Presurfer.


  1. That's the thing about coincidences: they don't require explanations. They are simply coincidences.

  2. Yes, I can overlook those facts. 8^)

  3. Self-locating depending on where you choose to start counting...

  4. At about 1:12 the little guy adds a decoration to it as well. Seems to be a coin or something.

    1. From the link: "The unlikely artist... even takes small shells, cracks them, and lines the inner grooves of his sculpture as if decorating his piece."


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