20 August 2013

A world-class sprinter decides to play rugby sevens


  1. Wow. No sports fan, but that man is amazing to watch.

  2. It looks like he kicks in *afterburners* - he just lights them up and takes off in this incredible burst!

  3. Haha. If people are wondering why it's funny that he tried to give the ball to the referee after he scored, it's because in rugby, you keep the ball for your team to kick the "conversion", which is like the extra point field goal in American football. Also, the reason he runs to the middle of the field after getting in to the "endzone" is because your extra point kick is placed directly out from where the ball is touched down. So a "try" is best when it's in the very center of the field, as that is the easiest kick to make.

  4. Interestingly enough, he's not that much faster than Jonah Lomu, who ran the 100m in 10.89s at a weight of 120kg (264 lbs). Not to make any sort of point or meaningful comparison, but i'm curious to find out what their relative kinetic energies would be...

    Jonah Lomu, top speed 9.18 m/s weight 120kg, KE = 5059 Joules
    Carlin Isles, top speed 9.87 m/s weight 72kg, KE = 3508 Joules


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