26 November 2008


Amy Gordon, from Melbourne, deploys a kazoo to her nether regions, then proceeds to perform "America the Beautiful." Sort of a modern female counterpart to Le P├ętomane.

Somewhat naughty, but visually SFW.


  1. I saw this video about a year ago when it came out and was just as disgusted by it then as I am now. I suppose I just can't get over the fact she's pretending to play "America the Beautiful" and I keep thinking there must be some "message" she's sending.

  2. In the first place, I agree with your choice of the word "pretend" because I'm sure the "music" must emanate from a recording in her shoulder purse or elsewhere.

    Re your disgust, I wonder whether you would be equally disgusted had she chosen to perform "Waltzing Matilda." If so, it's the behavior that disgusts you; that's one point of view, and "de gustibus non est disputandum."

    If such would not have offended you, then your reaction reflects a perceived affront to the U.S. I doubt that was the purpose of the performance, but even if it were, I personally am not offended when people elsewhere do express outrage or anger at the U.S. I think they're entitled to do so, as long as the anger is expressed symbolically, such as by burning a flag or caricaturing a president.

    If John Cleese were to stand on the ramparts of a castle and "fart in my general direction" I would hope that I could accept it with a degree of equanimity, or even frank mirth.


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