23 November 2008

I remember where I was on 11/22/63

Not hunkered down on the grassy knoll, like this couple who are shielding their kids. I was at a debate tournament in suburban Minneapolis and couldn't locate my debate coach until I walked out to the parking lot and found him sitting in his car listening to the radio with tears in his eyes.


  1. Yes, I was in school. Fourth grade. It was an "assembly" day so we wore white shirts and red ties. They made the announcement and let school out early for the day. I went home in tears.

  2. I come from Greece, and so does my mother.

    In 1963 she was 13, living with her parents in Athens, not having a clue about politics in general or Kennedy in particular.

    She had the popular view and perception of JFK, the very same that all the world more or less shared. And she has given me a very vivid description of that day...

    How she heard her own mother, a simple housewife from a tiny greek island, crying out loud in the next room: "Oh my God, they got to him! Poor, poor thing...".

    The minute my mother heard that, and by the sentiment in her mother's cry, she thought: "She's in so much pain, that she's either talking about our cat, or about Kennedy".
    It turned out that it wasn't the cat, after all.

  3. Interesting, elate. Thanks for sharing.


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