11 August 2020

It's the Onion


The principal difference from reality is that The Onion is humorous.


  1. It's not funny because it's true.
    . .

  2. god your country is a flaming wreck. where i live healthcare is free medicines are low cost and even the ambulance service is socially funded, so free if you need to use it. hey but at least you have big corporations and a government funneling all your countries wealth to people who are so rich that it is impossible for them to spend a tenth of their wealth before they die, while so many of you struggle to make rent and put food on the table for your kids, so buy a gun wave a big flag and drone strike a wedding i guess

    1. Brilliant assessment of why we're... "Lower than the world!"

  3. In song form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzCQDYE6AEY


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