13 February 2019

Perhaps a deterrent to nail-biting

Yes, I know... one isn't supposed to be judgmental about art.  If you don't care for something, just move on.  But really... a dead cranefly displayed on a nail offered as "embedded in amber."

Perhaps the next step is to create a teeny, tiny air pocket between layers of the "amber," then insert a wood tick, which will probably crawl around for a long time...

Via the DiWHY subreddit.

Reposted from 2017 to add these examples of nail art:

and these glow in the dark -

1 comment:

  1. That would deter me from biting my nail, but unfortunately instead of biting my nails I pick at them and tear them off. A nervous habit. Not a good idea with a live wood tick, as it would likely be freed in the house. Now I am wondering if a live wood tick that was ingested by an undeterred or absent-minded nail biter would survive the acidity of the stomach and either embed there or further down, in the small intestine? An ectoparasite living as an endoparasite, at least for a while? Hmmm.


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