17 July 2018

This is true

Cropped for size from the original.


  1. I've mastered the art of opening one of those at any hour.

  2. I don't mind sneaking up on one of these and wrestling it into submission...if my wife isn't home. But if she is, I can almost sense when she will call out, with disappointment in her voice, "What are you doooooooooing?"

    As far as I'm concerned, if a bank glued the bottom piece of the floor, then placed all their valuable on it and enclosed it, you wouldn't even need an alarm system. Just have some retired security guards within 30 yards, and they will spring to action the moment anyone "trips" the alarm.

    Further, why is only the MOST DELICIOUS food in these containers? No one EVER puts liver in these things. No, only things like Coconut Creme Pie (at least last Sunday that was the case).


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