28 July 2018

Farmers' market

Madison, Wisconsin is an urban island in a sea of farmland in southern Wisconsin, so it's not surprising that there are probably 12-15 farmers' markets scattered through the city and suburbs.

The one closest to home is within walking distance, between our house and the local library.  The participants are mostly local farmers, but also bakers, beekeepers, cheesemakers, and other specialists.

There's no better place to get fresh food.

Tomorrow I'll be heading out to my favorite local farm to get the season's first sweet corn.


  1. farmer's markets are usually held on weekends. what happens on monday, or tuesday, to all the unsold produce?


    1. This one is on Thursday afternoons. Other markets around town are open every weekday as well as weekends. Many farmers move their truck from one market to another. Some stuff (honey, cheese etc) goes back to the farm. Unsolds may well go to restaurants, community food pantries etc.


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