27 July 2018

I remember the taste...

... of the spoon.

Via the Nostalgia subreddit.


  1. Cedar Crest ice cream also make an amazing Peppermint ice cream.

    What I liked about the wooden spoon is, it made you savor the ice cream.

  2. Me too! It lasted longer than the ice cream.

  3. I wonder if they are still made? I had cardboard-lidded ice creams as a (Millenial) child, although I think the spoons were changed to plastic.

  4. I do. But I also had an, I guess, irrational fear and getting countless splinters in my lips and tongue from the spoon. Plus the wood spoon also reminded me of when the dr. would use a wood tongue depresser...both made me gag. I always used a plastic or metal spoon if I could or just avoided eating the ice cream. I'm actually slightly gagging as I type this.

  5. ZOMG! Me too! And the fear of splinters and always gagged at the end as the wood got slightly....mushy....ICK! I had forgotten this little memory. Remembering it (and oh so vividly) is not entirely pleasant - but thanx anyway!


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