13 March 2018

Which U.S. household do you belong to ?

Golf Carts and Gourmets
Colleges and Cafés
Modest Metro Means
Status-Seeking Singles
Footloose and Family-Free
Settled and Sensible
Diapers and Debit Cards
Babies and Bliss
Kids and Cabernet
Digital Dependents
Full Pockets, Empty Nests
Town Elders
Generational Soup
Booming and Consuming
Birkenstocks and Beemers
Progressive Potpourri
Cul-de-Sac Diversity
True-Grit Americans
Countrified Pragmatics
Red, White, and Bluegrass
American Royalty
Tough Times
Tight Money
I guess our household is "Settled and Sensible."

Selections from a larger list of 71 categories developed by Experian, a credit data corporation, and published in Harper's under the much better title "Glass Menagerie."


  1. Modest Metro Means and Settled & Sensible, probably. With a dash of Footloose and Family Free.

  2. Or, if you're Neal Stephenson writing *Interface*, you have categories like Economic Roadkill, Pretentious Urban-Lifestyle Slave and Post-Confederate Gravy Eater.



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