05 March 2018

Divertimento #148

All of the entries in this "linkfest" are gifs.

Ooooh , Aaaah, and Ohhhh category

Giving new meaning to the term "hat hair."

More fabulous hair.  I wonder what my grandmother would have thought.

When you put bubble bath in a Jacuzzi.

The buildings of Barcelona, color-coded by time, 1850s to present.

The "miracle" last-second touchdown pass that allowed Minnesota to beat New Orleans.

North Carolina windsurfer is a cool dude.

This cruise-ship surfer, not so cool.

U.S. soldiers get the word they're going home from Vietnam.

Girl shows cool way to open a beer.

High dive starts out majestic...

Clever way to thread a needle.

Don't be impatient at a traffic-control pylon.

Powerwashing a sidewalk.

Cyclist meets kangaroo.

Railroad barriers don't apply to me.

Special needs student drills her first basketball shot.

Finns enjoy a winter cruise.

Steam cleaning a rug.

The path of a projectile at different (and complementary) launch angles.  (relevant to time on target in warfare)

Not every fountain is designed as a child's water park.

Telling the drunk to go home.

Showoff on the golf tee.

Jugglers at Gustavus.

The punch from nowhere.

Snowplow modified to not dump on your driveway.

Got a dead tree in your front yard?

Lazy dad, or clever dad?

Swimming pool in Switzerland.

Animals category

Happy disabled pupper gets new wheels for Christmas.

Fawn bathes a kitten.

Dog almost completely hidden by a leaf pile.

Jump rope assistant.

Hen and her babies.

Shetland pony descends from a great height.

I found a stick for you to throw for me.

Humpback whale spouts a rainbow.

This dog loves to go to doggy school.

Smart ass clears the way.

Cat doesn't give a fuck.

Make sure the baby stays warm.

Baby octopus.

Dog gets ball out of pool without getting wet.

Lazy weekend at home.

I know how to crack an egg.

Alligator vs. truck.  Alligator wins.

It's good to see the bull sometimes wins.

For a quick laugh before you go

Rare footage of a baby starfish.

Twins separated at birth.

Hold my beer while I get dressed.

Alcohol probably involved.


  1. I thank you for all the giggles, Sir!

  2. I really enjoy these posts! Dunno if you saw, Reddit thinks the rug cleaning one was faked: https://www.reddit.com/r/specializedtools/comments/7v839e/steam_cleaning_a_rug/ The wheels don't quiiiiite line up with the cleaned line, and you can see the pre-cleaned area through the joints of vacuum early on.

    Of course, finding that lead me down a rabbit hole of how high-quality rugs actually get cleaned. This one includes what appears to be an industrial strength rug spin-dry machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzdxHa9tlf4

    1. I had not seen that, Mel. I just now looked at the original video and about halfway through you can see behind the operator where some partially-clean carpet peeks out.

      I suspect he went forward, then back and just filmed the back part for the gif, so it may be cleaning, but not in one pass, as is implied.

    2. I think the rug-cleaning video would fit in the "oddly satisfying" category.

  3. Off topic, but this is as good a place as any... What's the best way to submit links to fascinating stories that you haven't covered?

    1. email address in the "about me," but it's 95% a waste of your time, because I'm drowning in links and potential posts and lacking in time to blog them.

    2. Thanks. I looked there but didn't notice the email address until you pointed it out. I suspected there was at least a virtual heap on which to throw suggestions.

  4. Even if the rug-cleaning wasn't video-faked, it looks like a sales demo, and we have no idea what exactly was used to darken the carpets--it could have been some easily-removable food dye, e.g.

    As to the threading-the-needle video ... That is high on my "next to try" list!


  5. Dog definitely saving that baby for later...burying, not covering.

  6. "Cat doesn't give a F" link doesn't go to anything about cats

    1. Thank you, Dora. I usually make one or two errors when compiling these lists. Fixed. :.)

    2. As a cat person, that video really has me worried for the cat. My cat sits in strange places when she's not feeling well. Birds and squirrels that are about to die will often sit in public spaces seemingly unperturbed by humans because they're not actually fully conscious. Kinda sad to watch!

    3. Another possibility is that it is a warm spot (if the motor driving the escalator is beneath that metal plate).

    4. That makes me feel better! Silly cat! Thanks for the alternative view.

    5. Our cats move around the house all day following the warm sunny spots on the floor.


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