03 October 2015

Mammoth find in Michigan

A truly impressive find.  And apparently it was disarticulated by early humans in the region:
James Bristle of Lima Township was digging in a soybean field Monday when he and his friend pulled up what they first thought was a bent, muddy old fence post. But it was actually the rib bone of an ancient woolly mammoth...

“We think we’re dealing with an animal that was at least butchered by humans,” even if the humans didn't kill it, Fisher said. He believes the carcass was placed in a pond — a practice he's observed evidence of at other dig sites in the area. “It was essentially stored meat,” he said.


  1. very cool find! a more informative link:

    http://ns.umich.edu/new/multimedia/videos/23181-washtenaw-county-mammoth-find-hints-at-role-of-early-humans Washtenaw County mammoth find hints at role of early humans

    that grey goop that they are digging through is a wonderfully sticky clay.


  2. I can't seem to comment on the Switzerland post. Comments off on it or am I doing something wrong?

    1. If you're referring to the post about gun policy in Switzerland, you're doing nothing wrong. I have decided to turn off commenting on most gun-related posts, since of all the topics I post, those generate the most acrimonious comments.

    2. Understood ;)

      That being said, they are young ladies on their way to a shooting competition near Lucerne, Switzerland. The photo is originally from SwissInfo.

      Got to love the Swiss.

  3. This one really lives up to your tag line; I didn't see this anywhere amidst the everyday firehose of information about politics, crime, and useless entertainment news. Thanks.

  4. I live not far from Chelsea - about every 10 years or so these fossils show up in this area of Michigan. It is always very nifty and exciting! It has been rumored that many more have been found, but that sometimes when farmers find them in their field, they just cover it back up, because they don't want the hassle of an archeological excavation during planting season :)
    In Michigan, is also not uncommon during excavations for new builds that burial sites of Indigenous Peoples are discovered. Most of the information I have heard about these discovery sites have been ones of cooperation and respect by both parties.


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