21 March 2023

"Audacious Adi" dances

This was Adilyn Malcolm's YouTube debut; she now has a second video

Some reader more in tune with contemporary music and dance can tell us whether this is dubstep or some variant subgenre.

Reposted from 2014 because I encountered it again while browsing my old music videos category.  Worth sharing again because it lightens up the blog when other material gets a bit too heavy.


  1. I believe this would be considered "animation."

  2. Stan: If you want to look into related styles, there's the Wikipedia page on "popping". It includes a small bit on the "animation" Nathan mentioned. She definitely does "floating" during part of this dance. And if you want to see another good contemporary dancer, look up Madd Chadd, who does animatronics (I recommend his LXD Oscars dance). Or Josh.0 (ElasticIllusion on youtube). He looks like a mildly creepy '50s animatronic robot when he dances. It's uncanny.

  3. Now if only she would learn how to smile...

  4. I thought the days of telling young women (or anyone) to “smile” were over. She’s doing what she wants. She’s imparting a gift. Accept it In its entirety.


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