04 December 2008

"The Front Fell Off"

This is old, and has been posted dozens of times on YouTube alone, but it's worth storing here. I haven't tracked down the original source, but it is classic dry wit from Australian television.

I am puzzled and bemused to note some people writing comments such as "I cant figure out if this is a joke or for real..."

Update: Re the original source, see the link in the comments section, which takes you to the original in high definition, plus other bits in a similar vein.


  1. I love the youtube you been posting

  2. This is a clip of John Clarke and Brian Dawe on "A Current Affair" on channel 9 in Australia in 1991. They now do the same sort of skit on the 7:30 Report each Thursday on the ABC.

  3. The original is on John Clarke's website at http://www.mrjohnclarke.com/clarkedawe-episodes-03.shtml

  4. reminds me of the "Yes, Minister" series


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