25 July 2018

Featherless chicken

Apparently these have been around for many years; I found articles dating back to 2002. at which time they were extolled as "the future of mass poultry farming."  Some discussion of pros and cons at Owlcation.  Photo via.


  1. Featherless birds (also noticeable when birds are babies (one of the only critters on earth whose babies are more creepy than cute!)) really bring home the connection between birds and their dinosaur ancestors.

  2. Well, it's not very attractive, but how does it taste?

    1. Looks like it is already covered in BBQ sauce.

  3. worse was that video of hairless chimpanzees. they had that hair loss disease. they looked so weird that i had to watch the video several times to persuade myself that they were real chimps and not CGI added to the video.


  4. Naked chickens were first introduced in the mid to late 1970s. The experiment was a failure because the poor birds suffered from hypothermia in cold weather. Someone seemed to have forgotten that feathers are also insulation. I didn't know they were still being bred.


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