31 March 2018

How to make your own Easter peeps

If you're lucky, they'll come out looking like the ones on the right.

Instructions at The Cut.
Most important, though, your Peeps will make you the center of attention of any party lucky enough to have you as a guest. People will marvel at your boldness, creativity, and culinary expertise. “I didn’t even know you could make these at home!” they’ll say. Some will fall in love with you, others will resent you for the success you’ve achieved, but absolutely everyone will be talking about you and your Peeps.


  1. What on earth is an Easter Peep?

    1. Look at the picture. Peeps. For Easter. Wtf dude?

    2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peeps

      @D funk - That was a polite question. This blog is read by people around the world. Chill out.

    3. Goodness, what a concept. I'll stick to chocolate.

  2. The term "peeps" has a completely different usage among young people than it does for geezers like me...

  3. On the right is where peeps nuggets come from.


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